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Welcome to RALI

1 in 5 workers will have AI as their coworker by 2022 (Gartner), changing the skill set and nature of effective transformational leadership required in the future world of work. 

RALI  is the critical resource to identify the skill set (capabilities and experience) needed to stay relevant as a leader in the future augmented world of work.

Connect, stay relevant & continuously benchmark your leadership profile in real time against your peers and future market needs

Find out how your current earning potential compares to your peers.

RALI will act as your virtual assistant to accelerate the identification of the skill set priorities that will enhance your future leadership brand, employability and value.

“Leaders leave a mark, prepare to leave yours” Take control and complete rali for free


Meeting Future Needs – Knowledge is Power

Leaders increasingly want reliable evidence of the changing skill set (capabilities & experience) required to succeed in the augmented future world of work and to understand how they compare to a competitive peer set.  RALI delivers these insights together with prioritised critical gaps and development options

“New Insights don’t just change how you think – they change who you become”

RALI helps aspiring, accomplished and leaders without the title to maximise impact and future success as a transformational leader. You will access a strategic eco-system for growth and real-time benchmarking of capabilities and experience against peer competition and future market trends and needs

By completing RALI you can gain access to

A real time benchmark of how your capability and experience compares to your peers (your leadership profile score)
Your top strengths as a leader of the future
Your development opportunities prioritised to ensure you remain competitive for tomorrow

“Good things come to those who don’t wait”

RALI will also provide

  • A roadmap to help you succeed as a leader, re-skill just in time and achieve your aspirations
  • Key insights into how to stay relevant to the future world of work
  • More power and opportunities to take control of your future value, career trajectory and increase your relevance in the new dynamic world of work


On your marks

RALI is a deeply researched resource developed for the modern world in response to demand from leaders who want instant informed, continually updated and evidence based market insight in order to stay relevant and competitive.

It isn’t always native intelligence, talent, length of service or dedication that determines success.  The difference often lies in the critical combination and leveraging of leadership capabilities and experience to deliver future results in a world where skills are becoming obsolete at a faster pace (current research indicates that up to 30% of current skills will become obsolete within 3- 5 years in a typical role)

Get set

RALI is based on insights gained from over 5 years’ extensive global research as well as interviews and surveys carried out with executives in leading UK organisations.

Our team of leadership experts have further tested and refined emerging insights with over 500 leaders, across multiple sectors to validate the findings

GO. . .

RALI profiles and assesses the alignment of current leadership capabilities & experience to future market needs by leveraging real time data.

Results are calculated according to responses to 36 questions across 18 future focussed market requirements.
Comparisons are based on role function, leadership level, geographical region and sector so that leaders can benchmark themselves against relevant peer competition.
Gaps, risks and development areas are highlighted to future proof the leader’s value in a way which outperforms competitors and meets future market dynamics, talent & leadership demand needs more fully.

  • How does my leadership profile compare if I want to move my career up to a different level?
  • What’s the average salary of the top 20% of leaders with a similar profile to mine, working in a different UK region?
  • By gaining more experience in my priority development areas, what is my earning potential?
  • What’s my value if I change sector?
  • What profiles command premium rewards?

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RALI insights and support

Your Free Leadership Profile score

Find out your percentile position compared to Leaders in your RALI competitive set.

Complete the questionnaire, which should take no more than eight minutes, to gain access to your Leadership score, your percentile ranking and an indication if you have any super strengths or key development priorities


RALI Premium Services

Never feel in the dark again.  Move into and stay in the know of how to accelerate your promotion, value, career trajectory and earning potential.

Gain access to additional RALI insights which include how your earnings and profile fluctuate if you move area, sector or develop those much sought after capabilities and experiences of the future. See what leadership gamechanging impact you can make by completing the GC Index or gain access to interactive & voice activated coaching resources through VIC our Virtual Interactive Coach.