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Frequently Asked Questions

What countries does RALI cover?

RALI currently benchmarks Leaders working across the UK. If you are located outside the UK and would like to understand how your capability, experience and value benchmark with your UK peers, you can still utilise the resource by selecting a work postcode in an appropriate UK location (to view UK locations, copy and paste the following link - http://andrewjwelch.com/code/other/uk-postcode-mashup.html)

What is RALI?

RALI (Rialto Accelerated Leadership Index) is a revolutionary new leadership resource that profiles and maps the alignment of an individuals’ current leadership capabilities and experience to future market needs and peer competitor sets by leveraging real time data.

The Index questionnaire consists of 38 questions. 36 relate to 18 future focussed market requirements which have been identified following over five years’ extensive global research examining and prioritising the profile of successful future leaders in terms of capabilities and experiences required to succeed in an increasingly digital and disruptive marketplace which is becoming the norm.

Real time data comparisons are based on role function, leadership level, size of organisation, geographical region and sector enabling leaders to benchmark themselves against relevant peer competition & future market needs.

Who will RALI most benefit?

RALI has been developed for the modern world in response to demand from aspiring, accomplished and leaders without title who want instant informed, continually updated and evidence based market insights on the leadership capabilities and experience that are required in order to stay relevant and competitive in the future world of work, which is increasingly being automated.

As leaders discover the gaps that are emerging in their knowledge, capabilities and experience (more rapidly and more regularly because skills are becoming more obsolete more quickly), RALI delivers ongoing intelligence, which is difficult to gather for one’s self.

What are the benefits of RALI?

RALI enables leaders to

Obtain a robust, valid, and reliable view of their current visible leadership capabilities and experiences benchmarked against peers and future market needs.

Clarify and prioritise leadership capability and experience areas to develop/improve performance, profile positioning and earning potential in a target marketplace.

Identify and mitigate key risks of future career decision making to accelerate desired career key performance indicators (reward, engagement, challenge, growth etc).

Gain critical insights to define their evolving brand and improve its value to the future workplace.

Access career trajectory scenario planning tools.

How do I get in touch with the RALI Team?

You can contact one of team by emailing rali@rialtoconsultancy.com or go to the contact page on the RALI website https://ralionline.com/contact/

Why does my earning potential not change when I change my scores?

Changing a score does not change your universe (the criteria entered on function, geography, company size). It only changes your position within this universe (edited percentile). The earning potential changes if you change something on "about you" tab.

What is the benefit of adjusting scores?

Subscribers to RALI have the opportunity to adjust their scores on each capability and experience. Single or simultaneous adjustments can be made to each capability or experience. With each adjustment subscribers can view how this impacts on their percentile league table position as compared to peers operating in the same functional area and same location. Where a subscriber moves up in percentile (as seen on the edited percentile) this provides an indication of the capabilities and experiences that should be prioritised for development in order to remain competitive as a leader of the future.

How do I change my credit card details?

Credit card details can be amended under the settings icon, located on the top right of your personal dashboard page when you log-in. Your subscription payments, both previous and pending can be viewed here and credit card details can also be amended.

How do I change my email address?

RALI only generates a single annual Leadership Profile per unique email account so email addresses cannot be amended by members. To amend or change an email address, please email the RALI administration team on RALI@rialtoconsultancy.com or send an email through the contact page and a member of the team will be in touch.

How do I reset my password?

Passwords can be reset on the settings page, which you can access by clicking the settings icon on the top right of your dashboard, when you are logged in to RALI

How do I cancel my RALI subscription?

To cancel a RALI subscription, go to the settings page, located on the top right of the dashboard, when logged in. Members can view all subscription payments, both previous and pending and cancel membership at any time. Cancellation will be immediate however access to the subscription service will remain to the end of the subscription month paid for.

How do I change my personal details?

Personal details can be amended in the profile section, located on the top right of your dashboard when you log in. These will not update in the About You section on your Leadership Profile dashboard.

Do I need to answer all of the RALI questions?

All 38 questions must be answered. Questions focus on how often you demonstrate the research based future capabilities and experience required as an aspiring or accomplished leader of the future. It is recommended that responses provided are truthful and an accurate reflection of the frequency you would be perceived as displaying a capability or the amount of experience you have gained in your most recent roles. This will enable a more accurate and relevant leadership profile comparison to be produced.

How many times can I complete the RALI questionnaire?

The RALI questionnaire can only be completed once per email account. You will have an opportunity to update your data on each one year anniversary from sign up.

How long does the RALI questionnaire take?

The RALI questionnaire takes approximately 8 minutes to complete.

What is the benefit of booking a Rialto coaching session?

Rialto have worked with hundreds of executives and professional for many years ranging from Senior Leaders / Directors from the FTSE to SME executives and professionals wanting to accelerate their career to entrepreneurs.

An individual coaching session will give you access to some of the UK's leading strategic career experts, assisting you to:
• Future proof your leadership impact in a faster moving digital world
• Accelerate and enhance your return on investment and trajectory in changing market conditions (in 2017 54% of clients matched or increased their total reward package by 10%)
• Review & map out how you can update your experience & capabilities to ensure that you are aligned and relevant to future market needs more than peers (WEF research indicates that every 4 years you will have to relearn 30% of your job)
• Redefine, reposition and communicate your personal brand to your target segment more effectively so that you don’t become obsolete
• Leverage new insights of dominant & growing market & sector trends and re-invest yourself to continue to be relevant (Skills obsolescence & AI/machine learning ,robotics etc. will make previously qualified employees unemployable more quickly)
• Provide critical insights about what future New World leadership capabilities & experiences will be valued & how best you can trade your profile in the future
• Develop creative digital visibility strategies to successfully navigate the market and outperform your peers
• Update you on how your peers are taking action on opportunities / challenges similar to yourself

To book a session, email RALI@rialtoconsultancy.com and QUOTE RALI to get a discounted coaching session

What is the Virtual Interactive Coaching resource (VIC)?

VIC is a virtual coaching resource providing immediate, intuitive access to advice and ideas that support day to day business and leadership challenges. It operates through a unique combination of voice recognition, artificial intelligence and Psych-Tech®, which offers instant coaching advice on how to be a better leader. VIC can support skills gaps identified through RALI, tailor plans to close those gaps and provide friendly reminders and progress reporting on key leadership topics directly to you each week.

How does the GC Index support RALI?

RALI provides aspiring, accomplished and leaders without the title with insights on the future capabilities and experiences required to succeed and in demand for Leaders in business in the future. It also enables each leader to benchmark their Leadership Profile with RALI leadership peers, The Game Changing Index provides an additional layer of insight to leaders identifying how they make their impact and how they contribute to changing the game in their organisations. The reality in the modern workplace is that long-term business success is not down to one person with one idea – it’s a team effort. By completing The GC Index®, you will gain further valuable insight on how to maximise your impact within your organisation, team and role.

How do I get in touch with the RALI Team?

You can contact one of team by emailing rali@rialtoconsultancy.com or go to the contact page on the RALI website https://ralionline.com/contact/

What does my earning potential tell me?

The earning potential calculated for each profile averages the earnings of the top 20% of fellow RALI Leaders matching the function, geography, sector, company size entered when completing the questionnaire. A subscriber can view how their earning potential might change by adjusting criteria in the ‘About You’ tab.

What is the work/life and engagement score for?

The work/life and engagement score ratings are compared to the average scores from leaders across the database

What does the history tab show?

The history tab on the dashboard enables leaders to see how their leadership profile score is benchmarked against their function peer group in each given month. The benchmark is based on a real time data comparison of leaders at the end of each subscription month.

Who will my profile be compared to confidentially?

Comparisons are made as follows:

Free dashboard - the percentile and score will be a comparison between l entire database of leaders at the same level (function, location and sector wont matter). Potential earnings will not be provided
Report dashboard - the percentile and score will be compared to those of the same function and level but not sector (i.e. location, sector will not matter). Salary will also be provided on the same parameters. Potential earnings will be provided
Full subscription dashboard: The default for the percentile and score will be a comparison to data of leaders at the same function, level and same sector. Potential earnings will be provided

What is the difference between my original percentile score and my adjusted percentile score (subscription only)?

Your original percentile indicates how your overall score compares to your comparison group of leaders (see Who will my profile be compared to confidentially? For further details). E.g. if a Leader is in the 69th percentile, this indicates that the capabilities and experience they have gained are 69% better than their peer comparison group. The percentile is based on self scores on the 38 RALI questions and the perceived frequency of capabilities and experiences having been acquired. The edited percentile shows how a percentile would improve (or not) with the development of particular capabilities or experiences

What is the overall score? What does the overall score mean?

The overall score is the score obtained by completing the RALI questionnaire. There is a potential of scoring a total of 216 by answering all 36 questions, which is compulsory.