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2018 Digital transformation focus

2nd Oct 2018 | 03:44pm

By the end of this year, at least 40% of organisations are predicted to have fully staffed digital leadership teams as opposed to a single digital transformation (DX) lead to accelerate their enterprise-wide DX initiatives.

The finding from IT market intelligence and advisory firm International Data Corporation (IDC) perhaps sends the clearest message yet that digital is finally being taken as seriously as it should be by the top tier.

Meanwhile, by 2020 IDC predicts 60% of all enterprises will have “fully articulated” an organisation-wide digital platform strategy and will be in the process of implementing that strategy.

With early adopters having evolved their initiatives from the project stage, a clearer picture is beginning to emerge of how technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics can deliver tangible benefits to the business.

Irrespective of what stage of the digital journey an organisation is at though, they must continue to stay abreast if not ahead of technological change and the impact it is having on the world of business. In this whitepaper Rialto explores four key digital transformation trends in 2018 and beyond

Test sample Digital transformation 2018 Focus