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The EU claims that by bundling Teams with other Microsoft Office tools, the company restricts competition in the market for communication apps.

26th Jun 2024 | 07:16pm

A number of open source tech tools have moved towards commercial licences. Thoughtworks says this creates “big headaches” for IT, who are scrambling to maintain compliance and find replacement tools.

25th Jun 2024 | 03:28pm

About a week after the ruling against Apple, the European Commission ruled Meta’s ‘pay or consent’ model of offering subscriptions as an alternative to ads on Instagram or Facebook is against the terms of the DMA.

17th Jun 2024 | 06:58pm

The EU AI Hub, launched by AI security firm Cranium with KPMG and Microsoft, provides businesses with the tools and expertise they need to ensure their AI offerings are compliant with new regulations.

24th May 2024 | 06:51pm

Recent Australian residential construction industry failures revealed a pressing need for capturing, sharing and collaborating on construction project data across stakeholders in common data environments.

12th Jan 2024 | 05:14pm

Stuck with making a choice between AWS and Google Cloud? Here is a round-up of both platforms and factors that should inform your decision.

26th Oct 2023 | 04:23am

Pressure to achieve cost efficiencies and sustainability targets are two reasons why Australian enterprises might soon invest more in the Massive Internet of Things, Nicholas Lambrou tells TechRepublic.

25th Oct 2023 | 10:50am

IBM offers a comprehensive suite of governance solutions that cover automation, policy management, GRC and more. See if any of these tools will benefit your company’s governance strategy.

17th Oct 2023 | 12:41pm

IBM added features around data protection for workloads and AI data repositories to its Cloud Security and Compliance Center.

7th Sep 2023 | 04:50pm

The Hyperforce EU Operating Zone framework offers tailored EU support in alignment with GDPR for Salesforce’s Hyperforce platform.
The post New Salesforce service offers EU customers more control over their data appeared first on TechRepublic.

7th Mar 2023 | 05:40pm