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View RALI news and insights to keep up to date with the latest on trend developments relating to future leadership capability and experience requirements and the future world of work.

Renowned crisis manager, lawyer, author, and television producer, Judy Smith, the inspiration for the TV show “Scandal,” joins Azeem Azhar to discuss what tech businesses need to know to stay on top of their reputation in an era of instanta…

12th Feb 2020 | 01:34pm

A look at how businesses should respond to evolving, unpredictable threats.

30th Jan 2020 | 03:30pm

In 2019, California showed us how costly a sustained power outage can be.

23rd Jan 2020 | 01:35pm

Lessons from the UK government and Schlumberger.

20th Jun 2019 | 01:15pm

Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook still haven’t figured it out.

13th May 2019 | 03:00pm

Companies are using it for everything from routine theft to insider trading.

9th Aug 2018 | 04:30pm