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Twitter is trying to ‘block out the noise,’ says one source involved in Musk’s takeover deal

17th May 2022 | 03:49pm

COVID-19 accelerated the shift to digital business, forcing infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams to accelerate delivery of scalable, agile systems to enable digital business transformation.
The post 7 trends driving compute infrastructure inn…

13th May 2022 | 05:30pm

Doubts have grown in recent days that Musk would be able to pull off his acquisition

13th May 2022 | 11:41am

The rapidly increasing uptake of electric vehicles could transform the automotive ecosystem and promote even greater innovations. For that to happen, two imperatives need attention now.

12th May 2022 | 01:00am

A man on the moon or a cloud in the clouds? Microsoft is part of the new space race.
The post What is Microsoft’s Azure Space, and who is it for? appeared first on TechRepublic.

11th May 2022 | 09:25pm

The metaverse will transform how people interact with the world across three overlapping phases, each with its own distinctive influences across technology, market and product characteristics.
The post Here’s how the metaverse will evolve appeared firs…

11th May 2022 | 04:30pm

The iPod Touch will remain on sale until supplies run out

11th May 2022 | 03:43pm

The new service will provide its users with third-party attestation over a host of different environments.
The post Intel announces Project Amber, with the goal of independent trust assurance appeared first on TechRepublic.

11th May 2022 | 03:11pm

Are flying taxis coming to a city near you soon?

11th May 2022 | 01:00pm

The necessity to accelerate Innovation is not unique to a particular industry.  Incumbent companies in numerous industries are thoroughly cognizant of the competitive risks presented by the inadequacies of their Innovation chains.  They are also aware of the capabilities of startups in quickly utilizing technologies. This realization has given birth to the concept of Open […]

11th May 2022 | 12:31pm