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I learned a powerful model. I’m sharing it today.

Learn to notice the trajectory of conversations.

More important, learn to open a door toward the intentional future.

Words are rudders. Skillful leaders understand the trajectory of conversations.

25th Jun 2024 | 12:17pm

A mind is a terrible thing to spew when it’s a bubbling cauldron of brilliance. Practice strategic silence rather than blinding with faux wisdom.

Conformity disempowers. Strategic silence empowers.

The more certain you feel the more likely strategic …

29th May 2024 | 11:31am

THE GOAL of any communication is to connect. Some people are supercommunicators. That is, as they talk, they align with the person they are speaking with, constantly adjusting how they communicated in order to match their companions.
In Supercommunica…

13th May 2024 | 09:09pm

The first step to becoming a leader is in the heart. You learn to love people.

A person who loves people turns their focus outward.

The second step to leadership is practicing things leaders say.

Words without heart are meaningless irritants.

22nd Apr 2024 | 12:00pm

Beginnings shape endings. Lack of preparation allows toxic habits to contaminate one-on-ones.

Poorly done one-on-ones are a destructive waste of time.

Don’t bother having one-on-ones if you aren’t going to prepare.

Here are 7 ways to prepare for o…

22nd Feb 2024 | 11:31am

Thoughtless words are muddy roads.

You can smooth the way with things you say. Or your words make life hard for others and painful for you.

24th Jan 2024 | 11:49am

You spend large amounts of time talking. Words are hammers.

Understand, embrace, and increase the impact you have during one-on-ones.

7 powerful phrases. 10 powerful questions.

21st Nov 2023 | 11:41am

Yesterday, a leader I respect said, “I almost teared up.”

Then I spoke directly, “You didn’t almost tear up. Either you did or you didn’t.”

How to stop hedging?

10th Nov 2023 | 01:03pm

Treat yourself with more respect than a squirrel.

Stop chasing the next nut. Choose how you show up.

5 simple rules…

31st Oct 2023 | 10:31am

COMMUNICATION is a two-way process. It is imperative that we understand how to transmit and receive in order to have the appropriate communication that builds stronger relationships.
The Evolution of Communication
From the hieroglyphics of ancient Egy…

30th Oct 2023 | 03:54pm