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You spend large amounts of time talking. Words are hammers.

Understand, embrace, and increase the impact you have during one-on-ones.

7 powerful phrases. 10 powerful questions.

21st Nov 2023 | 11:41am

Yesterday, a leader I respect said, “I almost teared up.”

Then I spoke directly, “You didn’t almost tear up. Either you did or you didn’t.”

How to stop hedging?

10th Nov 2023 | 01:03pm

Treat yourself with more respect than a squirrel.

Stop chasing the next nut. Choose how you show up.

5 simple rules…

31st Oct 2023 | 10:31am

COMMUNICATION is a two-way process. It is imperative that we understand how to transmit and receive in order to have the appropriate communication that builds stronger relationships.
The Evolution of Communication
From the hieroglyphics of ancient Egy…

30th Oct 2023 | 03:54pm

An intimidating seldom hears the truth.

What would you say to an intimidating boss if you had courage?

26th Oct 2023 | 11:36am

LEADERS HELP FOLLOWERS find causes worth signing up for—something they can make an emotional investment in. That highlights the importance of leadership communication. Effective leaders communicate who they are and move the whole organization. Boyd Cl…

18th Oct 2023 | 12:23am

You want a life of impact but what if you talk all day.

Design a life of impact or you’ll dance with trivialities.

5th Oct 2023 | 11:51am

Slack is a cloud-based business messaging app used for communication and collaboration. Read our in-depth review to determine if it is the best tool for you.

28th Sep 2023 | 04:35pm

Grasp the power of words and you find power to shape your future.

Words are rudders. The things you say take you places.

Today’s challenge: Choose words that shape the future you aspire to create.

11th Sep 2023 | 11:35am

My brain never leaps to the best thing that could happen.

People usually jump to negative conclusions.

Imagined catastrophes make stability unlikely.

31st Aug 2023 | 12:07pm