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Learn how to create a summary slide that you can add to the end of a presentation to support a Q&A session with your audience using older stand-alone versions of PowerPoint and Microsoft 365.

14th Nov 2023 | 11:10am

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a formalized methodology that uses digital models to support the entire lifecycle of complex system development. It provides a single source of truth, ensuring discipline-specific views of the system are created using the same model elements. This fosters consistency and reduces defects associated with document-based approaches. MBSE encourages a systems […]

30th Aug 2023 | 03:22pm

Effective presentations are an indispensable element of effective professional communication in today’s world. A well-designed and well-delivered presentation can aid in transmitting ideas and messages more efficiently.  Effectively presented content facilitates the achievement of objectives and key results. Effective compilation and delivery of presentations is a critical skill for most executives these days.  Doing so […]

28th Mar 2023 | 03:59pm