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View RALI news and insights to keep up to date with the latest on trend developments relating to future leadership capability and experience requirements and the future world of work.

New technology is changing our work and social lives at unprecedented speed and intensity. Leaps in technological advancement are nothing new, and innovation often results in incredible step changes in the home and the workplace: the printing presses of the 1400s widened access to books (and therefore knowledge) for the first time; the Industrial Revolution’s …

25th Oct 2018 | 01:10pm

Profound structural shifts are under way in the UK workforce. Here’s how companies can prepare to meet the challenge and nurture the skills and talent that will help them stay competitive.

13th Nov 2019 | 12:00am

Prudential Financial vice chairman Rob Falzon discusses the criticality of people to digital growth, how Prudential is preparing its workforce for the future, and partnerships with the education sector.

9th Oct 2019 | 01:00am

The automation age could widen economic disparities between high-growth cities and struggling rural areas, thus affecting where companies hire, invest, and locate.

8th Oct 2019 | 01:00am

“If we want kids to have meaningful careers, what educational outcomes do we need to work toward?� asks Wendy Kopp, CEO and cofounder of Teach For All and founder of Teach For America.

11th Sep 2019 | 01:00am

Can advanced technologies like AI improve the well-being of humans? Only if we more carefully manage its deployment, and its effects on human labor.

30th Aug 2019 | 01:00am

As intelligent machines enter the workplace, some occupations are shrinking. At the same time, the economy is generating new jobs—although they may be different occupations in different locations. What does the future of work hold for places and peop…

28th Aug 2019 | 01:00am

The health of local economies today will affect their ability to adapt and thrive in the automation age.

11th Jul 2019 | 01:00am

Best practices are well understood. But are companies following them as closely as their leaders claim?

20th Jun 2019 | 01:00am

Millions of women in the United Kingdom may need to transition between occupations and into higher-skilled jobs due to automation but those transitions could be challenging.

10th Jun 2019 | 01:00am