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View RALI news and insights to keep up to date with the latest on trend developments relating to future leadership capability and experience requirements and the future world of work.

In the early days of the pandemic, economists and other experts worried about how the fallout might affect low-income and middle class Americans. The rapid loss of jobs over the spring of 2020—when tens of millions of Americans applied for unemp…

30th Nov 2021 | 07:00am

I haven’t had a day off in 20 months. There are people out there—particularly the nurses and physicians and respiratory therapists—who are doing the same thing, only in the trenches. So I’m not complaining. But it is thoroug…

30th Nov 2021 | 07:00am

The term productivity has many definitions. The Oxford English Dictionary, citing examples from the 1600s, equates the term with being “creative” and “generative.” In economics, productivity is associated with labor, as a me…

30th Nov 2021 | 07:00am

The “Great Resignation” has left a lot of people with time on their hands. And while this time may be a welcome respite from the daily grind, most folks will need to get back to work eventually. For many, this period is a time of reflecti…

30th Nov 2021 | 05:30am

I once had a seventy-five-minute one-way commute to work. It was a truly exhausting journey tacked on to the beginning and end of my typical twelve-hour days in the office. I quickly came to dread having to be on the road by 5:30 every morning, and onl…

30th Nov 2021 | 05:00am

Rarely a week goes by in which I fail to receive some sort of emailed survey asking me about organizational climate, diversity and equity issues, or how I feel about some product I glanced at online. We live in a data-driven society and there seems to …

30th Nov 2021 | 04:00am

Colleges, businesses, and bureaucracies have long operated on an “old power” model—rigid hierarchies that rule from the top down. But Henry Timms says that paradigm is going extinct. In his book, New Power: How Power Works in Our H…

30th Nov 2021 | 02:30am

Move would be the first time the competition watchdog has reversed a Big Tech acquisition

29th Nov 2021 | 07:18pm

Shares of the microblogging platform surged 9% in early trading

29th Nov 2021 | 04:02pm

Lessons from Bugatti, Starbucks, and Moderna.

29th Nov 2021 | 01:15pm