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It turns out that tech, finance, and investment billionaires increasingly come from elite schools. Why is that the case?

15th Aug 2019 | 05:46pm

It’s not the work; it’s the people that drive you crazy. Love and hate at work: You love working with the people on your team. BUT there are a few things that drive… Continue reading →

15th Aug 2019 | 01:27pm

Self-discipline doesn’t come naturally to everyone.
In fact, if you weren’t taught discipline as a child, it can be extremely difficult to learn it on your own as an adult. You’re essentially playing the role of both the parent and…

15th Aug 2019 | 12:00pm

We’re living in a digital world—one where screens dominate our time. The average American adult spends three hours and 43 minutes on mobile devices, according to 2019 research by eMarketer. This doesn’t include the time spent on a …

15th Aug 2019 | 11:00am

As the unemployment rate remains at or near historic lows, among the top concerns of business leaders is where to find new pools of talent from which to draw. A new survey from recruitment and staffing services firm Adecco USA found that companies in m…

15th Aug 2019 | 10:00am

As a public relations professional who runs a boutique PR company for independent filmmakers and other clients, I receive a lot of emails. An average day is between 400 and 600 emails. I’m sure your inboxes are much the same—maybe worse.

15th Aug 2019 | 09:00am

For Kristyn Clark, director of brand communications at Shake Shack, there is no “typical day” at work. “I could be on the festival grounds at Coachella doing influencer meetups,” says Clark. “Or I could be doing a media day with our CEO on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. It really varies, which I think is what keeps it exciting.”

The New York-native did PR work for several companies, including Gucci, Michael Kors, and SoulCycle before joining the fast-growing burger chain, where she’s worked for the past two and a half years. “I really lead the strategic and creative storytelling that drives the global positioning of our brand,” says Clark.

We caught up with her for Fast Company‘s “How I Get it Done” series, to hear how her sister shaped her career, her experience getting her foot in the door of a new industry, and her best advice for someone going into PR.

15th Aug 2019 | 06:00am

Revenue up 4.5 per cent, but net income widely misses mark

14th Aug 2019 | 11:05pm

When I first moved into team management from product management, I quickly learned that managing people is very different than managing a product. As it turns out, people are complicated. I had the wrong expectations about what it would take to be a go…

14th Aug 2019 | 08:50pm

If you want to be a skilled remote worker, these are the skills you need to have. Read More

14th Aug 2019 | 04:00pm